2019 Crab Carnival design winner Lemuel Llewellyn.

Welcome to the official Web site of the West Point, Virginia Crab Carnival, sponsored by the West Point Chamber of Commerce. Crab Carnival holds a special place in the hearts of all Tidewater community members as a joyous celebration of the Town of West Point's history and a great fall festival. 

Town Ordinance

The West Point Town Ordinance can be found here. No pets are allowed at Crab Carnival events except service pets. Alcohol can only be served from select vendors and consumed at designated spots at Crab Carnival. A new Town ordinance prohibits driving a motor vehicle (except service vehicles related to the gathering), a bicycle,skateboard, moped or similar device within the streets or sidewalks designated for the gathering or festival.

 2020 Sponsors
Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab - 
Dungeness Crab - 
Soft-Shell Crab - 
Hermit Crab - 
Interested in being a sponsor? Click here to download the information needed.


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